I photograph women for their ads at sexnord,  ladies,  kaufmich etc.

In Hamburg,  Lübeck,  Kiel and Bremen I offer photo shoots in beautiful apartments that offer something different than the typical studio look.

Interested ?

Write to me under "Contact" or via WhatsApp:

0176 55112804

Please note this checklist:

- Shave body hair (arms,  legs,  face),  that should not be visible in the photos,  the day before.


- Do not wear anything that leaves pressure marks on the day of the photo shoot.


- Remove stickers from shoes.


- Bring at least 2 pairs of shoes.


- Are the clothes flawless? (Fasteners,  pulling threads,  ladder stitches,  stains,  etc.)


- Paint your fingernails. It just looks better and,  above all,  more feminine.

- Do not use shiny makeup.


- Pack everything the evening before and put it at the front door - this minimizes the risk of forgetting something.